A Helping Hand to Boost Team Performance

We measure and analyze agent performance week by week helping you keep on top of the little details, even in remote teams.

Understand how agents have performed over the past weeks, and catch issues before they happen by keeping an eye on the current week.

The Agent Scorecard works with your existing Zendesk data to show you your agent's past, not just future, performance.

No need to wait days, weeks, or months to start benefitting from the Agent Scorecard. As soon as your data imports, you're ready to go.

Agent Scorecard Answers Your Questions

Remove irrelevant tickets from relevant scores

Count only the tickets that directly relate to the performance of your agents, not ones that are due to overall company, sales, or product issues.

Coach agents on conversational skills

Score agent tickets for quality before performance evaluations, or let agents peer review each other, to help agents improve their conversations with customers.

Motivate performance

Gamified leaderboards challenge agents to help each other and encourages improvement in individual performance, even from a far. (COMING SOON)