Welcome growth with open arms.
Let Ticketless handle the rest.

Tackle the growing pains of scaling your
customer support team without losing quality.

Analyze the Performance

Understand your team's current performance. Identify strengths and discover where there is room for improvement.

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Advise on Knowledge

Sidekick assists your team in resolving customer issues by bringing relevant knowledge to the front.

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Active Management

Ticketless lifts the weight from agents in managing issues, freeing them up for complex, human centered tasks.

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From Problem to Solution, You're Covered

Ticketless fuels your growth and takes away the pain of scaling your customer support.

  • Get deeper insights on agent performance
  • Skyrocket your internal capacity, resolve more tickets with less work
  • Cross issue and ticket management off your to-do list

Our Customers

Jumpstart your path to growth by understanding your Agent's performance. Find out how your reps are doing, and pinpoint what support they need to provide excellent customer service along with these companies.

Agent Scorecard

Use the Agent Scorecard to view Agent performance and start unlocking their full potential. Why free? We believe this information should be available to everyone.
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