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Performance management has never been easier and more fun
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Turn your agents into performance heroes with gamification and AI!

Make skill building fun with weekly challenges
Set targets and nail them with your team
Boost agent’s motivation with gamification
Make your team’s achievements visible
Let your agents feel the love with rewards
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Still not convinced? Here are 6 more reasons

Stop meaningless data

We analyse all the data for you and convert it into meaningful insights. You don’t need to become analyst, leave it to us.

Scale your team easily

We help you tackle the growing pains of scaling your team without losing quality of service.

Save time

Team management becomes easier. Finally have some time to work on things you could never work on, and we will cover the rest.

Drive motivation &

Get your team more motivated and help them grow professionally.

Coach with AI

We help agents better prioritise their tickets with our AI coach. And when we say “AI”, we mean it.

Make it fun

Because only when the team enjoys their work, they succeed.

Fully integrated into your CRM

Install Dōjō and start using it right away. No muss, no fuss.

Loved by Customer Support

We have been working with Dojo for about 6 months now and for me, the most important point is that our feedback is very quickly taken into consideration and adjustments are made often right after reviewing the requests with other customers too. The Ticketless team is very enthusiastic and passionate about their product. Dojo supports our team leads and agents to understand their performance much better. Since the data is readily available, less time is spent on gathering reports and data (the data is visible for our agents too). We are also implementing the quality process in Dojo to save us a lot of time building the 2020 excel sheets. All in all a great app!
Petra Hageman
Head of Customer Service
This App really helps us understand what our agents are doing. We not only see what each agent does, but we can also improve them on this, which can help upgrade our whole CS team. Great effort!
Bram Greijmans
Business Operations Specialist SendCloud
The Dojo Classic made sure I could throw all of our Excel-sheets in the 'trashcan'. It has already saved me a lot of time and will save me even more in the future. I also really like the look-and-feel, it's a well-thought-out app.
Ingmar Lodewijk
Quality Officer
The Dojo Classic has enabled us to see in real-time how engaged our agents are and helped us to monitor their productivity. This has lead to us being able to identify where agents need additional help, improving the quality of our tickets and to our customers! The app allows our management team to proactively see data quicker than other ZenDesk reporting, making it easier to manage agents both internally and remotely. We’re super excited to see the Dojo Master game and cannot wait to see what results it brings to our teams. Definitely worth a download!
Mike Miner
Good features, excellent agent dashboards. Helps increase awareness on the KPIs
Fazan Ahmed
Dojo helped us to increase the productivity of our agents and make their achievements visible. This led to quality improvements, time savings and our team are more motivated now. We're excited to see the Dojo Master game.
Jan Brenneke
VP Operations Talixo

Dōjō Classic

In addition, you will always get our Dōjō Classic.
Unlimited access. Always free.
Dōjō Classic is our free Dōjō mode. All the data at your fingertips, internal quality rating and much more. Enjoy!
Scorecard with 50 Metrics, Real-time, 24/7 - isn’t it beautiful?
Customize Internal Quality Rating – go wild with it!
See agents’ activity in the Heatmap – another Dutch masterpiece
Check each client’s request with our incident Drill-Ins – keep digging
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