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Dōjō Master

Dōjō Classic

Personal agent’s space

There is no better agent than a happy agent. Empower your agents with self-management, coaching and real-time feedback.
Company points collected by the agents to achieve KPIs.
Weekly personal goals to help your agents grow
Skill map to track the agents’ skill building
Personal Ninja avatar that levels up as the agents grow
Achievements history to track your agents’ success


Goal setting has never been easier. Improve your team's performance aligned with your company's KPIs. 

Set targets to reach 
and track your teams progress

Activity view

Work hard, play hard. Engage your agents with gamification by helping them better prioritize tickets and collect points.
Points awarded for each action taken
Tickets prioritization based on company goals
Agents’ professional skills get improved

Incentive store

Good results should be celebrated. Agents can exchange collected company points for rewards in your company’s store.
The agents exchange collected company points for a reward
Customize the Store – add any Rewards you want
Your agents track the balance of their earned points


Forget your spreadsheets. See how your team is doing
Monitor the team’s progress towards their personal goals
Filter information by time and members

Dōjō Classic

In addition, you will always get our Dōjō Classic.
Unlimited access. Always free.


Get insights and measure your team’s success with a 360° real-time view of agent’s performance 24/7.
Monitor 50 personal real-time metrics
Customized inbound channels
Automated weekly and monthly reports

Internal quality rating

Improve output quality with our fully customizable internal QA rating.
Rate tickets based on the criteria you define
Leave notes to provide feedback and coaching

Heatmap & Drill-Ins

See your agents activity in Zendesk. Provide feedback and coaching through ticket Drill-Ins behind each metric.
Monitor agents’ working hours excluding breaks
Stay on top of every detail and check each client’s request
Use further Drill-In into tickets and leave comments

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